Tuesday, February 17, 2009

At The Beach

We just got back from our second annual trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama. We went with my mom to again see my grandma and my Aunt Gwen who are down there for the month of February plus we get to see my Aunt Gretchen who lives in Mobile. This year Matt was able to go with us, so we also got to visit with his Uncle Derrol and Aunt Margaret whom we haven't seen since our wedding.
Other than seeing relatives, we played in the sand, explored the beaches (found jellyfish, man-o-wars, clams and a flatfish - all of which we looked up in our new Ocean Encyclopedia), waded in the waves (Jack could not be held back from the waves!), flew kites, played cards, ate good Southern food (we all especially like Lambert's - home of the thrown roll!), and slept really well to the sound of waves crashing on the shore.

The photos are eerily similar to last year (although I didn't post many from last year - mostly just ones for my photography class. One of my outfits is even the same! I didn't take as many photos as last year, and I wish I had taken more. Next year.


ames said...

Aw, what a fun time! It certainly doesn't look like that around here, we're getting a mix of rain and snow today :(

Thrown roll? What...??

Anonymous said...

Cute pics!!

There is a Lambert's near my IL's house. I believe it is the home of "throwed rolls." LOL Aha, even found a recipe: http://www.recipegoldmine.com/ccl/lamberts-cafe-throwed-rolls.htmlu


saucy salsita said...

the beach is the best place to teach kids about nature and get immersed in mother nature's best!
I've been a big fan of your blog and have incorporated a bunch of your tips. Finally got a blog up and have nominated your blog for an award!
Also put you on my blogroll so that I will keep coming back:)
Saucy Salsita, AKA
The Green, Sexy Expat - Greening it up in Costa Rica!