Saturday, January 24, 2009

Weekly Family Update

This is only the second weekly family update, and I already feel like they are too frequent. Might change it to every other week. This week was GORGEOUS - temps up in the 60's so we tried to get outside as much as we could. Spent a lot of time with playgroup moms (remind me to blog about how great our playgroup is!).

- Had an extra playgroup date at our house.
- Spent one day at the zoo with some playgroup moms and kids
- Did a 2+ mile hike with other playgroup moms and found our first geocache thanks to Gretchen
- Had knitting/crochet night (aka playgroup moms' wine and brownies/cookies night) where I restarted the sweater I've been making for Nina Sprinkles. The original I was too small since Nina has grown so much (she's huge - like 8lbs now!) so I pulled it all out and am starting a larger size.
- Our dining room table and chairs arrived!

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ames said...

Your playgroup sounds like so much fun!