Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Walk To Beautiful

I know I've mentioned before my documentary film club. I think it is just a brilliant idea (not mine!). Just like book club only there is no prep. A group of women gather at rotating houses, watch a documentary, and discuss the film (there's lots of other discussion also!). We bring appetizers or desserts, and there is lots of wine. I would really like to do something similar for families once the kids are a little older.

This last weekend we watched the film Walk To Beautiful. Wow. See this film if you can. It is beautiful and moving. Filmed in Ethiopia, the film follows several women with urinary fistulas after prolonged labors* and stillbirths as they travel long distances (like 6+ hours of walking plus who-knows-how-long on a bus) to receive care at the Hamlin Fistula Hospital. The film does a great job of portraying how devastating the urinary incontinence is for these women. They are totally ostracized in their communities. A fate worse than death for many of them. The hospital provides life-changing care for these women for a medical condition that is unheard of in the US.

Really a must see.

Since I didn't have the chance to do my Holiday Charity Giveaway in December, I have decided to take the money that I set aside for the giveaway and donate it to The Fistula Foundation. Hope that is okay with all the readers!

*We women in the US may complain about our obstetric care (not enough midwives, too medical, high c-section rates, inadequate insurance coverage, etc), but it may be more difficult for you to complain after watching this film. Our issues are minor when compared. Some facts from the film/website:
- Fistulas were largely irradicated in developed countries with introduction of forceps and c-sections.
-There are only 93 OB/GYNs in Ethiopia for a population of 75 million.
-The risk of death due to pregnancy and childbirth in the US is 1 in 2800. In Africa, it is 1 in 16.
-The hospital tells women to start walking to medical care as soon as they feel the baby "walking" inside of them.

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