Monday, January 05, 2009

Toast for the New Year

Not a toast to the new year, but toast for the new year. That is what I had for dinner on the last day of 2008. It was really perfect. After a fairly stressful last few months, Matt gave me one of the best gifts ever. He left town and took the kids with him for New Years. I was ALONE in my house for four days! I needed the extended break more than I realized. I also took a technology break during that time (well, I couldn't totally stay away from Facebook or my cell phone, but I only did quick checks). And while I didn't get all I wanted to accomplish done, I do feel better. Finally moved my entire office to the new house, unpacked the last bathroom box (do I really need that stuff since it has been sitting in a box for 4 months?), and organized my closet. Also watched a few movies, got some great deals shopping, and did a lot of nothing.

I am looking forward to 2009 as we settle into our new home and really make it ours. I have some great ideas for the basement play area. Yesterday we went furniture shopping and picked out a few key pieces. Despite several inches of snow on the ground, I'm already mentally planning my garden. I've also been reading up on keeping chickens (a lifelong dream!) as we now have an old dog run that would make a perfect coop. Our family has many other plans for this year that should be fun.

During 2008, sometimes I found myself so busy documenting life (or feeling guilty that I wasn't blogging or answering email or feeling overwhelmed by life), that I forgot to enjoy it. So I'll offer no excuses and I won't feel guilty for basically ignoring my blog the last month. I have no intentions of totally letting my blog go to the wayside, but I am also not sure how much I'll be here during 2009. You'll probably find me in spurts as fun things happen that I want to share.

Happy 2009! I can already feel that it is going to be a good year!


Janelle S said...

During dinner on New Year's Eve I asked my daughters (5 and 8) if either wouldlike to make a toast (we had fancy glasses of sparkling juice held high). My 5 year old immediately put hers down saying "I do! I do!" She ran to the pantry and pulled out the bread.

She was hoping for some toast for the New Year, too!

Hope everyone has a divine 2009!

Marie Green said...

We still want to see pictures of the new house! =)

Happy New Year- I'll be curious how owning chickens goes...

Anna said...

It's so very hard to find a good balance, isn't it?

Penny said...

toast and vegemite is one of my favs.

Dawn said...

Happy new year. Having four days alone sounds wonderful.

ames said...

Chickens! Awesome! Do share all your adventures :)

Lisa said...

Uh, if you end up with too many eggs, I know this great local family that would love to take them off your hands!! :-) Happy New Year to you!!!

Tiffany said...

Here is my comments on the above blog entries as well.

First - from the pictures the new house looks great!

Next - I love the idea of matching PJ's and books.

Third - 4 days with no kids - if you had no unpacking to do what on earth would you have ever done with yourself. I can't image!

Happy New Year!