Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fun December Photos

Just for fun...

Kids crackin' up with Great Uncle Markle up in the mountains
Kate getting in on the father-son photoJack playing one of his favorite games with Ito (Matt's dad)
Kate helping make our Christmas morning Swedish Tea Ring (another family tradition I meant to blog about... you'll have to wait until next year!)
Nina Sprinkles getting a drink from the Christmas Tree
And the neighbors tree that fell in our driveway during a huge windstorm one night. Delayed my trip to meet up with Matt and the kids skiing in the mountains. Had to stay home for another few hours by myself. Poor me!


Marie Green said...

I'm loving these photo posts!

Also, we got a new kitten right before Christmas... and I was telling the kids that she needed a middle name, and I used your pet's name "Nina Sprinkles" as an example... and they INSISTED that OUR kitty have the same middle name.

So we now have a kitten named Coco Sprinkles. I think of you every time they say it.

Hope you don't mind- I was totally just trying to give them an EXAMPLE, and now, we have twin-pet names. =)

Marie Green said...

Also, we once had a huge branch like that break onto our driveway during a wind storm- scary. David, of course, was excited for a good excuse to use a chainsaw!

Penny said...

LOL at Marie's comment... my DH would be the same. Me Man. Use Power Tool to Rescue Woman.