Tuesday, January 06, 2009

At The Grocery Store

After saying I might not be around much, I find myself wanting to blog! :) Got lots and lots checked off the never ending "To Do" list yesterday, so I am feeling pretty good.

We were desperate for groceries yesterday so I hit the store with the kids. Before I tell my little tale, I must brag that the normal supermarket that I go to has the absolute best view as you walk out. Usually I am a bit cranky leaving the grocery store usually due to fighting kids, long lines, or not finding the specific product I want. Regardless, when I step out of this grocery store, I can't help but smile at the view. One of these days I'll have to take a photo to share, but today something else made me smile at the grocery store.

As we strolled the aisles, Kate suddenly yells, "Mom, STOP!" Before I realize what is going on, she says, "Please lift me up."

As I am lifting her up, I see what she has spotted... candy covered almonds... yum.

In her amazed voice she asks me, "Mommy, what is that?!?" I tell her that they are candy covered almonds. She, of course, asks to buy some.

I look at the ingredient label and respond, "Honey, these have artificial coloring* in them which isn't good for our bodies."

Being the smarty that she is, she quickly responds back, "Then why do they put it in there?"

Good question. I had no good response.
And while we are talking grocery stores, can I complain for a minute? Why do they have to over package all the organic produce? Green peppers individually wrapped in plastic. Bananas covered in sticky green tape. So you have to choose between pesticides or plastic. Grrr...

*Just FYI, I am not a nazi about artificial coloring. I do try to avoid it my food purchases, but I don't even think about it when eating out or when the craving for M&Ms takes over! I even had to get some regular green food coloring for Christmas cookies this year. I tried buying and mixing the yellow and blue natural food dyes from Whole Foods (they didn't have green). It just turned grey.


Mindful Momma said...

kids sure have a knack for spotting the goodies, don't they! I think it's great to explain to kids why artificial colors aren't great for us - but I'm with you - I don't forgo them altogether.

Lisa Sharp said...

Have you tried Sundrops? They are dye free m&m like candies. I am a dye nazi! haha

For one I have asthma and asthma can be set off by yellow #5 so I have totally given up dyes. I slip up sometimes but it's rare.

And I'm with you on over packaging organic food! My apples come in a big plastic bag and my onions are each wrapped in plastic. What the crap?!

Penny said...

plastic wrapped veges! the only one that is wrapped here are telegraph cucumbers - apparently they go limp really easily if they aren't wrapped.

Anonymous said...

Excessive wrapping is one of the main reason I avoid grocery store organic sections. Part of the reason is probably that they have to be completely seperated from non-organic produce. I try to buy from farmers which is much easier here in Philly with year round Amish markets versus Colorado that had a very short farmer's market season.

Cyndi said...

Here they just wrap scotch tape around the stems of the bananas. I *think* it's just so it's obvious to the cashier and they don't ring them up cheaper.

But I agree. I don't get all the extra packaging.

Looking forward to seeing that view you talked about!! I need a pick-me-up as I leave the store.