Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2008 In Review

My friend Lauren did this on her blog, and I like the idea so much that I thought I would copy her! Major happenings this year...

Mimi visits
Both kids ski for the first time
Matt W. visits

Trip to Gulf Shores to see my grandma, Aunt Gwen, Aunt Gretchen, and Uncle Denny
Kate turns 4
I take my photography class
Jack potty trained
Matt went on guys' ski trip to Alta

Ito visits
Jack turns 3
My aunt Barbara passes away, and I travel to North Carolina for her funeral

Trip to Salt Lake City with Ashlee

Ama visits
Trip to Moab with Great Uncle Mark and cousin Hannah
Kate learned to ride a bike

Great Uncle Jho and Aunt Valer visit
Raj, Christine, Ashnaya, Arjun, and Anuj visit

Auntie C, Uncle Sly, and cousin Zane visit for the 4th of July
My cousin Kira and her husband Adam visit
Mimi visits

Ama visits, takes Kate back to Dallas with her, Jack and I follow a few days later, and take a quick trip to Austin (see Lauren, Matt, John Matthew, Luke & Connor; Ito; and Keahi, Dave, Makaio & Cyan)
Make offer on new house

I turn 36
Close on new house
Kate starts pre-K
Jack starts preschool

Children's Literacy Center's Vintner Dinner
Trip to Dallas for my mom's surprise 60th birthday party
Cousin Sonny is born
Move into new house

Trip to Disney World with Ama and Grandpa Joe
Cousin Lucy is born
Matt turned 39
Mimi and Dick visit for Thanksgiving

Ito and Hannah visit for Christmas
Matt takes kids to the ranch in Arizona, leaves me at home alone!


Kristin C. said...

I love this idea....but I feel like it would take me awhile to remember each month and its happenings!

Also, I'm reminded of your new home...maybe you could post some pictures....I'm just saying...


Penny said...

the good thing about my blog is that it helps me remember some things that happened during the year! very handy for my annual letter to friends.