Saturday, December 06, 2008

Have You Heard About the New CPSC Law?

I don't really have time to compose a thoughtful blog post, but I wanted to get something up about this subject. I haven't really even had time to research and process this information. I'll try to get a more organized post done soon.

Apparently, the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Congress have just passed a law which requires ALL MAKERS of CHILDREN'S PRODUCTS in the US and importing to the US to have their products and components tested by a CPSC-certified, third-party testing laboratory FOR LEAD CONTENT.

On Feb 10, 2009, all businesses which do not comply with testing will be in violation of federal law, guilty of selling banned products and subject to fines and jail time. This will affect Etsy sellers, crafters, wooden and organic toy companies, baby carriers, ect.

Here are several links for you to consider.

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Reportedly a hearing has already been scheduled for this coming Wednesday that may delay or significantly change this law with respect to this problem.


Maria said...

I would really hate to see this law applied to handmade sellers on Etsy or other venues. These are not the manufacturers who are problematic...

Amber said...

I heard about this on NPR the other day. We were buying our nephews wooden toys before we knew about all the lead in plastic.

xlpharmacy reviews said...

Law must be respect en anyway don't care how, which ,when, where or what!!