Thursday, December 04, 2008

Charity Month

I am going to attempt to devote the month of December to blogging about giving and charity. About mid-way through the month, I'll do my charity giveaway like last year. I'm really looking forward to the responses.

I feel very fortunate that our family is in a position to give regularly. And while we aren't donating enough to have a wing of the hospital named after us (maybe someday... *sigh*), it does feel good to donate what we can. I've heard that the more you give, the more you feel you have. I believe it.
It is very important to me to instill an attitude of giving in my children. I want them to learn to be giving with their money, their time and their energy. I want them to be thoughtful and empathetic. I don't really have a game plan for passing along these values, but here are a few examples of what we do:

- Tell them every time we give money, "Who can lick this envelope for me? We are giving money to the college where mommy went to help students that don't have enough money to pay for college."
- Take the children to donate food at the food pantry regulary (I'll blog about this sometime this month).
- Give to programs to which children can easily relate like Toys for Tots
- Plan to encourage children to give their own money (we are going to start allowances in January so I'll blog more about our plan once we start)
- With guidance, let the kids pick out household items such as outgrown clothes, old toys, etc. to be donated to charity or friends. "These shoes don't fit you anymore. Can you think of someone that we could give them to?"
- Let the kids help when making baked items or dinner for someone in need. Make sure they are with you when you drop the food off.
**The photo is from one of our visits last March to a local food pantry. I can't believe how much my kids grew since then!


Dawn said...

Definitely, the best way to pass on these values about giving to our kids is by example, and you make a good's important to let them know when your helping others.

Tiffany said...

Your blog has taught me to explain more things to Mikayla - that and she is getting old enougj. Today going into the grocery store there was the Salvation Army bell ringers. So I gave Mikayla a $1.00 to put into the can but before she put the money in I explained what it was for.

Israel Charity said...

Whether it's a Christmas gift for your husband, wife, child or friend, the act of giving is a show of love and appreciation. It also satisfies a basic need in all of us to please another. All too often, though, we forget about the larger purpose of giving, the purpose giving Christmas gifts to charity can fulfill.

Of course the act of giving a gift to a loved one or someone close to you has an immediate positive impact in seeing the joy on their face as they receive the gift and then them lighting up when they see how much you thought and cared to pick that particular gift for them.

Joan Schramm said...

Giving back always has been a part of the holidays for me, and this year it seems even more important. I borrowed your idea of the charity comment-a-thon for my own blog, Acceleratimg Momentum -- here's hoping you started a trend among bloggers to give back. Thanks for all you do.

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Israel Charity said...

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