Sunday, November 16, 2008

Belated Halloween

As I am downloading Disney photos, I found all our Halloween photos! Even though it is over 2 weeks late, I still want to share. With all the moving hubub, we didn't even go to get pumpkins until Halloween afternoon. We went straight home, pulled out the pulp, separated the seeds and carved. We discovered that Nina Sprinkles loves to eat pumpkin pulp! I planned to cut up our pumpkins and put them in our worm compost bin until I discovered that the pumpkin faces had been chewed away overnight. Seems Nina isn't the only one who likes pumpkin!
We left the pumpkins out for the squirrels while on vacation. When we arrived back home, one pumpkin was completely gone and there isn't much left of the other! The rather plump squirrel couple that lives in our backyard are still gnawing away at it.
And one last photo of my kids in their Halloween costumes. Jack is a monster (supposedly it is Sulley from Monsters, Inc. but we didn't know that as we have never seen the movie), and Kate is a princess (original, huh?). Both costumes proudly came from the thrift store.


Penny said...

that's cute about the squirrel! ;) We're the kids annoyed?

Dawn said...

Those are adorable that squirrel!