Monday, October 27, 2008

Eco Stamps

We spent our first night in our new house last night, and I am happy to report that I slept really, really well! Not sure if it is the house or shear exhaustion. We flew home from Dallas late last night (with kids already in PJs!) and went straight to the new house to put the sleeping kiddos into bed. It was sorta strange to see all my furniture and possessions in what still seems like someone else's house! LOL

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed today. The "to do" list is at least a mile long. Call the phone company, call the garbage/recycling company, call the cable company, officially change our address, etc. One of the first things I did after we closed on this house was to get a new address stamp for mail. My mother-in-law always uses address stamps. In fact, she has several for frequently used addresses. I took her idea and use our address stamp not only for letters but for filling out all kinds of forms as well. As I was looking up stamps online, I was very pleased to find that there is an eco-friendly stamp option!

StampXpress carries a green line of eco friendly rubber stamps. They are made from 60-80% recycled plastic, use water based inks, are reinkable, and are even packaged in recycled packaging. You can also use their website to customize a green stamp with your own uploaded images. (I have a great idea for a holiday project using customized stamps that I will share with you soon - maybe after I am a bit more settled and can actually start thinking about the holidays!)
StampXpress is offering GreenStyleMom readers a discount on their Green Line stamps. Use the coupon code GREENLINESTAMP for $5 off on the Green Line. This code is good only on the Green Line Stamps. For other items on their website, use coupon code $3DISCOUNT for $3 off any order over $15. Plus StampXpress offers free shipping on any order over $10.
XStamperOnline also carries eco friendly stamps, and check out their eco markers (I'll review them soon). They are offering readers $7 off a $25 or more purchase using coupon code is ECOSTAMP. This is good on the eco stamps and any other product on the site. Plus they also offer free shipping on any order over $10.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with getting settled! We moved in August and we are still finding stuff that needs to get done :)

Penny said...

Always lots of work once you are in a new place - but exciting to set things up again too. :)

Rubber Stamps said...

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