Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Nina Sprinkles

Look who officially joined our family on Sunday! Nina Sprinkles. 7 weeks old. As cute as can be! Smart, too! Pretty much housebroken and sleeps all night.

Hasn't she gotten so big since my original post about her?
I haven't really had a chance to do research on environmentally friendly puppy/dog paraphernalia. Food, toys, etc. Anyone want to help me out with some advice?
I'm posting this as part of the WFMW backwards edition!


TransitionGirl said...

I dont know if its environmentally friendly, but I use Science Diet for y doggy's food. Since your doggy is still a puppy, start her off with wet food. than as she gets to be around 1 years old, slowly mix in the dry food and cut down on the wet food till she's totally on the dry food. It's healthier and less fattening for her.

The Cole Mine said...

What a CUTE name!!! She is darling!

As a puppy, Tanner howled at night for weeks. That Nina Sprinkles must be some sort of independent prodigy dog or something!

Can't wait to meet her!!

Penny said...

oh how cute!

kara said...

There's a product our there that is a little baggie dispencer that attaches to your leash so you always have bags with you to clean up after your dog. Well the brand, "Bags on Board" makes biodegradable poop bags so your doggie's buisness doesn't last forever in a plastic coffin. You can get them at Pet-Co.

Here's a resourse for you: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/pets

Hope it helps!

Dawn said...

I have no advice for you, sorry, but my daughter is desperate to know what kind of puppy that is!

Meredith said...

We like to use "green" dog food. Some good brands are Wellness, Pet Promise, Dog Whisperer, and Organix. Petco sells all of these, plus others.
These sites may be helpful too:

Karen said...

Congrats on your new puppy!

We always use biodegradable dog bags to pick up after our dog outside. We considered recycling grocery bags for this, but since we use at least two bags a day to pick up after him, I felt guilty throwing the plastic in the trash (even if it was reused). You can find bio doggie bags anywhere. We get them at Target.

As for toys, you can get organic toys at http://www.simplyfido.com. I would love to use this stuff, but our dog is a heavy chewer and he destroys those soft cotton toys in under an hour. I hope they work out for you, thought! They're adorable!

Cam said...

I don't have a puppy, but these are the same people who sell my cat food: http://www.f-r-r.com/search.php?Search=regular+kibble

The ingredients are all natural, there are no chemical preservatives, it's fresh, and my cats love it. I can't imagine their dog food is of any lower quality. They also ship it to your door and the shipping is included in the price.

NedaAnn said...

I love the name & I think she got even cuter from your initial post. Congrats.

Jen said...

This should help...
It's a division of the EWG. You can sign up for newsletters, research on their website, etc.

She's a Cutie Patootie!

Marie Green said...

Oh, what a little sweetie! She is adorable, and I love her name.