Thursday, September 04, 2008

Getting Back on Track

Yesterday was a crisp day in Colorado. Definitely a reminder that fall is coming. I think autumn might be my favorite season. It is sorta my "spring" season where everything starts anew. With school starting and the summer craziness wrapping up, it is the time when we get back to our routines (and maybe start a new one). I feel energetic and organized. So this week I am renewing my New Year's Resolutions to Be More Creative and Get It Together.

To boost my creativity, I am again hosting the Make It From Scratch blog carnival next Tuesday. I would love to see others participate. Your post can be about anything made from scratch - food, crafts, sewing, etc. Get your entries in by this Sunday.

To get it together, we are back on our budget for September. I think I fell off the budget bandwagon this summer because I was making it too complicated. I've started using Pear Budget (learned about it from Simple Mom) and really like it so far. I'm also going to get back to meal planning... soon.

Last, and unrelated, yesterday was our 8 year wedding anniversary. Matt sent me flowers, and we had dinner out with the kids (romantic, no?). I meant to write a multi-post love story al la Renassiance Mom, but time got away. Maybe I'll start writing it now to post next year!


Aunt LoLo said...

The Carnival sounds like a lot of fun! I'm pregnant right now...and nesting. And ALL that energy is going into rearranging furniture, dreaming up Halloween decorations and lots of sewing and craft projects.

I'll have something up by Sunday!

Penny said...

The carnival is always fun. Not sure I'll be able to get something done in time but I'll enjoy looking at the other entries.

Dawn said...

Happy Anniversary! I love getting back into routines when fall arrives as well. That new puppy of yours is so cute!

Kristin C. said...

I feel like kissing you right now. We have be PROCRASTINATING when it comes to our budget. For, ohhhh, a couple of years now. I just busted out the whole thing in a matter of MINUTES while blog strolling when I should be sleeping.

Thanks for the great suggestion! WOOO HOOO!!!