Monday, September 15, 2008

Candidates With Drinking Problems

So I have vowed not to be at all political on my blog, but I just can't pass this up since it involves both candidates. Did you realize that both Obama and McCain have drinking problems? Big drinking problems. They both drink bottled water. Egads!

The Tappening campaign (which promotes tap water over bottled water) is launching an advertising campaign to promote tap water and reusable bottles. The ads will be run in the states where the candidates are making appearances but are not meant to make a political statement for or against either candidate.

Check out the Bottled Water Facts and Tap Water Facts on their website. Some pretty enlightening information.

And if you haven't switched to reusable water bottles, there is no time like the present. I've written about and given away SIGG bottles and Camelbak bottles as great options, but also check out the great bottles that Tappening sells on their website. A choice between BPA-free plastic bottles and stainless steel, and I love their slogan, "Think Global, Drink Local."

Also want to give a big thank you to Tappening for donating reusable bottles to the local charity that I am currently involved in! I plan for them to go in a "Going Green" basket for the silent auction.

(I also have copies of the ads, but I am currently having computer issues and can't get them up! I'll try soon!)


The Cole Mine said...

Good info! Thanks!

Tomato Lady said...

Thanks for the info. I will definitely check out the link.

Anonymous said...

Plastics are the worst. Wish there was more awareness on how it impacts our environment.

I fortunately work for a company that cares about the earth and the health of our families.

Blessed in Colorado,