Friday, August 08, 2008


My summer squash plants are putting out in full capacity. I have a great squash variety this summer. I started by planting just one yellow squash plant and what I thought was one zucchini plant. A week or so later I had an empty space in the garden to fill, so I added another zucchini plant. As luck would have it, the first zucchini plant I put in is a yellow zucchini variety (I originally thought it was a second yellow squash plant, but it is definitely more zucchini-esque despite the bright yellow color). I am harvesting a basket full of summer squash like in this photo every other day, if not every day! That means lots of squash being cooked in our kitchen and lots of squash being handed out to friends.

Handing it out might be my favorite part of having a garden.

ps - Earlier this summer a neighbor taught me that zucchini and nasturtiums make great garden neighbors. After a bit of research, I found that they are also great companions for broccoli and cucumbers. Plus nasturtiums are edible!


The Cole Mine said...

I had the pleasure of adding some of these FABULOUS squash to an even more FABULOUS chocolate zucchini muffin recipe...Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Lovely, Kristen! Can I request a pic of your whole garden? Or the veggies still on the vine? I love seeing pics. Just curious how big everything is, too. Out west here I am just now getting buds on my cukes and pumpkin plant. I have a good friend who will share zucchini with me so I don't have any of that. And do you have slug problems there? Slugs make me crazy!!

Penny said...

you know you can eat the flowers too? if you don't want too many zuchs, try taking the flowers, stuffing them with ricotta/spring onion and dipping them in batter, then deep fry them real quick.