Friday, August 01, 2008

Not Quite Fit to a Tee

I like to read the blog Marathon Moms on the Runner's World website. I'd like to report that my interest is because I am a mom pounding out many miles every week, but no... I'm lucky to get in one run a week right now. Mostly I like the blog because my friend Dimity is a contributor and an awesome writer. I especially like this post about race t-shirts (I even stole her title!), because I certainly can relate to having a tee that doesn't fit and the whole "make a quilt from your old tees" is a bit passe, no? And I love her idea of opting out of your t-shirt and the funds being donated to charity.


Unknown said...

thanks for the mention--and for reading! and when do you think we'll get our whole families together? october? :)
hope you're well--

Melissa said...

Hi, this is Melissa from Mile High Mamas. Amber has asked me to try to track down e-mail addresses so she can send out an e-vite to everyone for our dinner on September 12th. Would you mind sending me your e-mail address? Please also include the name of your blog so I can keep track of who is who! Thanks! My e-mail address is melissabhowell (at) gmail (dot) com.