Sunday, August 17, 2008

Friday Afternoon Club

One of the activities that our cohousing community does is called Friday Afternoon Club (aka FAC). It takes place one Friday evening a month, usually at our common house but sometimes outside or in a community member's home. Everyone participating brings a personal drink (alcoholic or non alcoholic depending on your persuasion) and a "hearty" appetizer to share. We sit and chat with neighbors for a few hours or even longer. It is a good excuse to just hang out with neighbors.

There is almost always a good variety of food, and I usually call it dinner for my family. The dishes range from straight out of the box pizza bites to made from scratch veggie dishes. The standard appetizers are almost always available - chips & dip, crackers & cheese, etc. Someone will usually bring some fruit, and (hopefully!) there is often something sweet.

Last Friday Afternoon Club caught me by surprise so I had nothing to bring. My pantry was pretty bare from all our our early summer guests. I ruled out fruit leathers, Lara bars, and Pirate's Booty as viable options, but I did find a stack of frozed corn tortillas in the freezer. I hadn't made homemade tortilla chips in a long time and had forgotten how good they are. Not everyone at FAC knew you could make your own chips, so I thought I'd share how on my blog. It is so easy!

First cut tortillas (flour work well also!) into wedges.

Place on cookie sheets brushed with butter (olive or canola oil works well also, but I like the butter flavor!). Brush tops of wedges with additional butter.

Bake at 450 for 10min or more until just starting to brown (flour tortillas take much less time!)

Remove from oven, slide off tray, salt, cool and serve with your favorite salsa!



Dawn said...

I'll have to remember this next time I see tortillas on sale...what a great idea!

Joy said...

I am loving that you are posting about cohousing activities - it reminds me why cohousing can be special, and I think this and the campout are great ideas to replicate here in Maine!

Also, I've done tortilla chips with sesame seeds sprinkled, and they are awesome with Trader Joe's red pepper spread (of course, TJ refuses to come to Maine, but that's a different story!)

NedaAnn said...

Oh, those look yummy! I may have to try to make those for our preschool potluck picnic on Friday.

Kimberly said...

Oh wow - that is so easy! Who knew a homemade snack option could be that low maitenance? Thanks for sharing!

Cheers, Kimberly

PS: I love your blog!

ames said...

Yum! It's silly, but I've made homemade chips before as part of recipes but never as just a snack. Makes me want nachos...

Briana said...

I tried to make my own once and they turned out horrible! You are inspiring me to give it another try!!