Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Bike

Remember awhile back when I blogged about Kate learning to ride a bike and the cute lil' retro bike we got from a neighbor. While I was on my hiatus, Matt finished up the fixing-it-up project and gave it to Kate. She loves it. (It still doesn't have a kickstand or a basket, but it has gotten a bell since this photo was taken.) It took less than 30 seconds, and Kate was zooming around the community on her little hot rod. Jack isn't far behind. He is really whizzing on his Sprint bike. I bet he'll be riding a real bike by the end of summer. I'll try to get some video of both of them riding this weekend.




Dawn said...

That is the cutest little bike. I want one like that! ;)

Astarte said...

That looks awesome!

I want one of those big three-wheeler bikes with the big basket on the back so I can use it to run errands. Also, so I can be less afraid of falling and killing myself.

Jennifer said...

Matt did a great job! Kate will love it!!

Penny said...

great job!

The Cole Mine said...

Along with pooping in the toilet, Josh still hates his tricycle and it makes me absolutely crazy.

I saw the original and my does that little red bike look fantastic now!!!