Thursday, June 12, 2008

Zen Shorts

When my friend Gretchen started talking about the book Zen Shorts, I new I had to get it. It came a few weeks ago, and we (both the kids and me) LOVE it. The book weaves Eastern fables into the story of a Panda and three siblings. We got the second book Zen Ties, but I like the first one far better.

The book is published by Scholastic, and the discount that Scholastic offered to Greenstylemom readers awhile back hasn't expired yet. Use GSM0208 for 20% off your purchases at the Scholastic Store.


Jen said...

My daughter is a panda freak, so I think we have read this one. I can't keep track because we read just about every panda book ever written. She's obsessed!!

Ashlee said...

doug's sister sent this to us for HER birthday (following the panda). it was soon after our conversation about it! i love it!