Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Silent Auction Request

My friend Shannon got me involved with a local children's literacy charity fund raising dinner. I think it is going to be super fun. Only problem? I'm supposed to be soliciting donations for the silent auction from businesses and such. I am not so good about asking for donations, so I thought I would use my blog to my advantage.

SO... if you are a business or a product rep and are willing to donate a product or service to this charity event (the donation is tax deductible), I am willing to offer some free blog marketing in exchange.* I'll tell you more about the event via email, but I will say it is going to great and have a certain famous, used-to-be-short-haired, ice skating Olympian.
If interested, email me at kristen@greenstylemom.com
Thanks so much for helping me support a great cause!
*We'll talk about the details via email. I retain the right to refuse any products that I don't feel are appropriate.

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The Cole Mine said...

This is awesome...I'll post something similar. :)