Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More Moab Photos

Gotta share a few more... just be grateful that I'm not making you look at all 998 photos that I took while on our trip! These are from Uncle Markle's campsite. We had a great setup - hanging out at the campsite in the evenings, but going back to a hotel and a real bed at night!
How beautiful is this campsite?

Kate and me

Kate and Uncle Markle trading hats

Kate looking cute

One of my all time favorite photos of Jack


The Cole Mine said...

That picture of you and Kate is soooo cute. Looks like a beautiful place - and I love the fact that you can shower and sleep in a real bed at night!

Penny said...

Looks a great set up :)

Geggie said...

Lovely! I haven't camped in far too long.

(Fun swap/contest at my blog...come play?)

Dawn said...

That's how I'd like to camp ;) That's such a beautiful place. I bet the stars looked amazing at night.

Kelly said...

Wonderful pictures! I love the way you had your camping set up - a real bed at night is worth far more than one might imagine, until you have to go without it.

You have adorable children.

Ashlee said...

gorgeous. that pic of jack is definitely one for your wall!