Monday, June 23, 2008

All-Digital Magazine

I admit it. I love magazines. I know all that paper and production aren't great for the environment, but I love them. Fortunately many magazines are jumping on the green bandwagon and starting to print on recycled paper, and some have even started experimenting with digital versions. VIV Magazine takes it even further - they are an all-digital magazine. You can't buy it in print if you wanted.

I downloaded the free preview issue, and it was kinda fun to "flip" through the pages. The magazine describes itself as a fitness, food, health, awareness, fashion, beauty, and more magazine. The interactive component is really great, and I love being able to link to anything I am interested in exploring further. There is also a page in the preview issue that allows you to switch the tops on an outfit. Wish changing my clothes was that easy! The coolest was clicking on the "V" at the bottom of a fitness page and seeing an animated version of the exercise.
Although I love how eco-friendly it is, it still isn't the same as curling up under a blanket on the couch with a juicy magazine and a hot tea. I don't think I'll be giving up my print magazines anytime soon, but I did take them up on their offer for a free subscription. I'm already looking forward to my next issue.

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Penny said...

It's not quite the same as having it with a cup of coffee :) But I guess as people's habits change that will also become a thing of the past. Our kids will laugh at us for being old fashioned for drinking coffee while reading magazines!