Friday, May 09, 2008

What I've Been Doing Instead of Blogging...

Some I want to blog, some not so blog-worthy!
  1. Going to my dentist appointment - with 2 preschoolers in tow since the babysitter cancelled at the last minute. Kate had a lot of fun looking in my mouth.
  2. Enjoying my mom's visit
  3. Getting the carpets cleaned. They were really gross.
  4. Reading my Hey Mr. Green book (fun book - I have a spare to give away soon!)
  5. Starting the kids in gymnastics class for the summer
  6. Dealing with the electrician and our messed up electricity that only affected Kate and Jack's rooms.
  7. Finishing up a crochet baby blanket for a baby shower. Working on another project with the leftover yarn.
  8. Enjoying a night away with Matt. Included a really nice dinner that included a full bottle of wine.
  9. Fretting over the roof leak in our mountain place that caused the ceiling to start falling in our living room.
  10. Carving away at ice on roof with a screwdriver as a chisel.
  11. Hiking with playgroup.
  12. Getting our worm composting going. The kids love it.
  13. Checking out our local zoo's new exhibit - the moose is still too shy to come out, the grizzly bears are awesome, and the mountain lions made me not want to go outside ever again!
  14. Ignoring my ever-growing email inbox.
  15. Reading a great parenting book.
  16. Working out regularly! Woohoo!
  17. Not cooking meals like I should.
  18. Ignoring the computer.
  19. Reading books with the kids outside on a blanket in the sun.
  20. Being a good mom. Mostly.

Hope you have a great Mother's Day Weekend.


The Cole Mine said...

I read that it's great to take your kids along to the dentist so they can see what it's like and be less scared about it when it's their turn-

Now I'm curious about what was nice on your date...

Sounds like life has been treating you well. :)

Dawn said...

Sounds like a busy week. Happy Mother's day. :)

Marie Green said...

I want to 1. go hiking with our playgroup and 2. read outside on a blanket with the kids.

Thanks for some ideas!

Erin said...

good for you!

Gift of Green said...

The nerve of you, getting stuff done! :) And the exercising! Great!

Penny said...

LOL at Shannon's date comment... :P

Sounds like a good week.

The Cole Mine said...

Ohh - full bottle of wine. Love that!!