Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Moms' Knitting Night

Some moms from my playgroup got together for a moms' knitting group tonight. We've done it several times, but this was the best. The only way I can really describe it...

Moms - 5
Kids - 0
Dogs - 1
Bottles of Wine - 3
Brownies - 20
Hours - 4
Knitted Boobies - 2
Knitting Accomplished - 0
Laughs - uncountable


Penny said...

okay- knitted boobies? What do they do?

Angela Miller said...

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who didn't quite get the knitted boobies! lol

The Cole Mine said...

Well said!

You may have to expound upon the "knitted boobies" but you can certainly leave out the dog details!
Tanner misses you already (blush)!

Thanks for an awesome mom's night out!

followyourfolly said...

Sounds perfect! Especially the wine and brownies and of course the laughs!

NedaAnn said...

Yes, please explain the knitted boobies. As a non-knitter I need explicit details. :)
Glad you had fun.

ames said...

Sounds like an AWESOME good time!

Boobies, hee!

Tiffany said...

Since you are in Colorado you will really understand this question - "What kind of brownies?"

Sounds like you had a GREAT time.

Colorado Knitter said...

I am finally catching up on reading everyone's blogs and I am laughing hysterically right now! I had so much fun:-) Truly feel blessed to have such a great group of "stitching pals".