Wednesday, April 16, 2008

We Grow 'Em Big

Kate and Jack had their yearly checkups yesterday. We went to our new family doctor's office (which is close enough that we rode the bike). This physician came highly recommended from several friends, and I can see why. I really liked her. My first appointment with her is next week.

Kate and Jack are both healthy and on track. The only concern I brought to the appointment was that Jack doesn't consistently identify colors yet. The doc's assessment was the same as mine. Either he lacks interest (which fits with the not being consistent) or he may be color blind (which is very possible since my father is color blind and I am a carrier). We'll wait until next year or even two years before testing him.

Both kids were 85-90 percentile for weight. Jack is a whopping 35lbs, and Kate is squared with her height at 43lbs on our scale at home. Kate is 95 percentile for height at 43 inches, and Jack isn't even on the charts at 41.5 inches.

Hopefully we won't be back to the doctor until next year!


The Cole Mine said...

Glad they are on track and doing well. I see a couple of future athletes in your house! We went a whole year w/o a doctor's visit but, as you know, have recently ended that lucky streak... ;)

Penny said...

Great to hear they're doing well.

Kari said...

I consistently fail the green/red color blind part of my eye exams. I'm not as bad as Dad (traffic lights aren't a problem) but it's difficult when the colors are more similar. I love this game (which I've been meaning to share with you anyway), but I have the worst time differentiating between the red & green countries: