Thursday, April 17, 2008

A New Earth

Has anyone been participating in Oprah's A New Earth Web Event? What do you think? Good? Bad? Nothing Exciting? Definitely worth it?

I have been downloading the podcasts on iTunes so that when life calms down a bit (you know, when I'm 60...), I can read the books and listen to the podcasts. I have both Tolle books (The Power of Now and A New Earth) on my bedside table waiting to be read. I'm just itching to get to them, but I also have some other great books waiting to be read sitting on top of them.

It just so happens that I came upon an extra copy of each book. Maybe, just maybe, when I finally start reading and listening to the podcasts I'll give those books away to some lucky blog reader... so keep bugging me to start reading.
(Although I can tell you that I definitely won't be getting around to the Tolle reading until after I do the big giveaway that I have planned for next week!)


Crunchy Domestic Goddess said...

like you, i've been wanting to read it, but have a feeling it will need to wait for a long while. i'd love to hear your thoughts when you do and maybe we can compare notes when i do.

btw, i also have a big giveaway planned for the very near future - just need to find the time to write the post. ;)

ames said...

ooh, book giveaways RULE!

read'em,read'em,read'em... :)