Saturday, April 19, 2008

Myths About Organic Food

Matt sent me this article last week, and I forgot to blog about it until now.
6 Myths About Organic Food


Penny said...

interesting :) some good reasons for being locovores there.

Kate said...

I've been going a little organic-obsessive lately and in the back of my mind have known that I'm not nearly as virtuous as I think I am in doing so - thanks for the reality check. Not that I'm going to stop with the organics, I just need to keep some perspective.

Also I didn't know about the various ownership of some of the companies (particularly Morningstar). As someone (loosely) in marketing myself I try to watch out for being duped too much by greenwashing of products (I love the "natural" Cheetos you can buy. Cheetos!), but it's getting more difficult to do. Anyway, I digress. Thanks for the post!

Dawn said...

That was a great article. When I have to make a choice between organic and not, for me, the most important foods to buy organic are dairy and meat but if I had a local source for those that I knew was humane, I wouldn't care so much about the organic label.

ames said...

Interesting article, and good to know about the small farms vs. conglomerates.

We usually focus on just organic eggs and milk because we've found that there's a huge taste and texture difference. When we do make a voyage to Whole Foods, I pick up some organic sour cream because it tastes just like heaven.