Sunday, April 20, 2008

Monday Menu Plan

You'll see a theme in our meals this week. Trying to use up my stores of beans!

Monday - Mexican food out after an afternoon, family hike

Tuesday - Red Lentil and Veggie Curry over brown rice

Wednesday - Slow Cooker Ham and Beans & Cornbread Muffins- First time trying the bean recipe. It was really good, but I'll probably decrease the amount of ham next time I make it.

Thursday - Cornbread Salad

Friday - Pizza dinner on the town with friends

Saturday - Dinner out before a family swim night (great way to get the kids good and tired for bed!)

Sunday - Community Meal (I'm going to blog about community meals soon, I promise!)

Haven't planned for this week yet. Not too many meals to plan as we have a couple community meals plus I am doing a getaway from the family this week. I still have lots more beans to use up. Anyone have any Great Northern Bean recipes they want to share?


Penny said...

beans make a good dip when pureed up.

Angela Miller said...

Kristen, did you try the black bean avocado salad? What did you think of it?