Monday, April 21, 2008


After pondering Jack's inconsistencies with colors a bit more and doing some internet searches on colorblindness tests for children, I came across this colorblindness test for children ages 3-6. It uses shapes instead of numbers. I quickly gave both Kate and Jack the quick test. Guess what? Jack failed miserably. He can see the square in this picture, but not the circle. I am now pretty confident that Jack is colorblind. It all makes perfect sense now. Why he can't tell blue from purple, but always gets yellow right. I also am realizing that many of the colors that he "knows" are purely learned. Like the color of his Crocs. So no more grilling on the colors in our house. From now on we will be referring to the color AND the placement of lights on stoplights (since the red and the green apparently look the same). It is going to be interesting seeing the world through his color-confused eyes!


Kari said...

Ummm, what circle? There's a circle in that picture??

Penny said...

hmmm... I know I'm likely a carrier of red-green blindness and Tim can only see the yellow square.

My Dad can't see red/green when they are together. It's fine when they are apart. Maybe Tim is the same.

Kelsey said...

Oh how interesting! Ill have to give D and E this test tonight thanks!

Marie Green said...

I have a cousin who is severly color blind- only sees everything as different shades, but sees no color whatsoever. They didn't discover this until he was around 3rd or 4th grade- poor kid! He was bright enough, that if he sensed hesitation when discussing colors he quickly guessed a different color- he had things memorized too, never know that wasn't how everyone did it!

Here's a little jingle I learned as a kid:

Red on the top means Stop, Stop, Stop

Yellow in the middle means be careful when you're little

Green on the bottom mean Gooooo!

David and Melody said...

I don't see it, either. Every screen is different.

The Cole Mine said...

Josh couldn't see the circle either but could see some other faint brown shapes in the colorblind test...I'm glad you know just for peace of mind and so you can teach via placement etc. Thanks for posting so we can all test our kids. It's good to know for sure.

Anonymous said...

I used this same test on my daughter because I thought she was color blind. She didn't see the circle either. About a month later her color skills started improving. She does know red now. A friend of mine did the same thing... she thought her child was color blind and then her daughter learned her colors.

It's good to do location and color learning, but definately have his eyes tested professionally before deciding he is color blind.

Geggie said...

Very interesting. Girls are rarley color blind, so it's not something I really think about.

Whoa, some serious commentin' you got goin' on with the camelbaks!

Chelle said...

I just asked Kaili and she could see both. First she said she saw a yellow square... then I asked her if she saw anything else... and she said "oh an orange circle"

How interesting!