Monday, March 31, 2008

No Buy March Wrap-Up

What an exercise in awareness! A month ago Matt and I decided to not buy any "thing" other than necessities for the month of March. Matt didn't seem to struggle with this at all, but it was difficult for me at times. Part of what made it more difficult for me is that I run the household (always can use another Pyrex dish!), but I admit that I also love to shop and buy. I realized how often I just pick up "a little thing or two" here and there (uh... Target anyone?!?) without really thinking about if it is something that we really need.

It was in no way a perfect month, and we (okay, I) ended up buying a few things that certainly aren't necessities. I can justify them all (I am the queen of justification! If you ever need a reason to buy or do something, just call me!), but I am aware that it is just that. Justification.
Here is my list of when I broke the rules...
  • Blank CDs (for backing up photos)
  • Sand for the sandbox
  • Memory sticks (for backing up photos based on Shannon's recommendation - it is much better than CDS.)
  • Game present for Jack's birthday (this was actually on the exception list from the beginning)
  • Two books for the kids from the Easter Bunny
  • A book for me (I forgot the no buy and picked it up with the Easter books)
  • Yarn, Pattern, and Needle for a crochet project (for a gift)
  • Magic Nuudles (a special project for the kids to do while I was gone)
  • A shirt that I was thinking about wearing on my trip (I decided after I got home that I didn't need it and am going to return it this week)
  • Angel ornament (I collect ornaments from the places I travel, and an angel seemed appropriate for North Carolina)

Funny it didn't seem like very much until I listed it all out. For April, I think Matt and I will decide on a few purchases together but otherwise try to stick to the no buy policy for another month. Baby steps, right?


shokufeh said...

I know not the point of your post but - how'd the kids like the Magic Nuudles. Seems interesting.
When it comes to buying stuff, I've very good at talking myself out of things for myself, but not so good about it for stuff for MrMan. And once I buy one thing, the floodgates seem to open. I think you did pretty well.

Anonymous said...

I also think you did quite well! Being a justifier myself your explanations did the trick with me :-) At least you are aware of your love of shopping...I have a problem with buying too much too, which I am desperately trying to curb. Well done!

Dawn said...

I think just being aware of what you're purchasing goes a long way toward curbing spending. Good job.

The Cole Mine said...

Boy - I think you did REALLY well. Nice job. Seriously, that short list is impressive. Be proud.

I'm glad the picture storage thumbs are working for you! Sorry I threw a wrench into your no buy plan! ;))

P.S. Now I feel guilty - my most recent post is about shopping! ;))

Penny said...

Oh yes - I can relate to "just picking this up" kind of shopping.
I think you did really well actually.

Gray Matters said...

I think you did a great job. You have inspired me to try "no buying" for April - this declaration has thrilled my husband to no end! Thanks.

Geggie said...

Still pretty low compared to the rampant consumerism of some. I think I'd like to try this project. Maybe April is the month to try! No time like the present.

NedaAnn said...

You have inspired me to give this a try. However, it will hard, since we are going on vacation next week. I think you did very well. I am addicted to the clearance books at Barnes & Noble and DH would get upset, so now I try to use the library. Congrats on your successful March.

Kari said...

Man, I don't want to read too much into this...but does this mean you aren't crocheting that awesome burger dress for me?!

Tiffany said...

Not too bad for your first month. I am thinking about doing this as well but as I say this I could use a couple of long sleeve but light weights shirts to wear to work - stilll not prepregnancy size - everything in my closet is too small. All of the maternity clothes of course fit but they are winter clothes not spring.

alanna said...

I love the no buy month rule, my trips to Target to buy necessities always turn into 150.00 of other random nothing. You have inspired me! Thank you Green Style Mom!