Thursday, March 13, 2008

New Seven Deadly Sins

I grew up Catholic, but I'm not exactly what you'd call a practicing Catholic. I consider myself to be more "spiritual" than anything else, but if you ask me what religion I am, I would probably tell you that I'm Catholic.

The Catholic Church has had its fair share of negative exposure lately, and it tends to usually be a bit behind the times.* However, this week The Vatican has shown itself to be a bit progressive. They issued a list of the new seven deadly sins, and what was at the top of the list? Environmental pollution! Go Pope Benedict!

The new list is intended to be "social" sins vs the old list are individual. Others that made the new list include
Genetic manipulation
Accumulating excessive wealth
Inflicting poverty
Drug trafficking and consumption
Morally debatable experiments
Violation of Fundamental rights of humanity
And if you can't remember the original...
I always thought that littering should be up there with gluttony and sloth.

*I once heard a great sermon in a small Catholic church on a little country road in Minnesota about whether the church should be changing to fit modern times or should modern times be changing to fit the church. Just an interesting idea to ponder.


Dawn said...

I'm glad this new list came out. I hope people really listen and try to avoid those things on the new list of deadly sins as well as the old.

Anonymous said...

This is on my list of Things to Blog About for my eco-blog :) I think it's awesome!

Kari said...

I think littering has a lot to do with our education. Would we really throw all of our stuff in a trash can if it hadn't been pounded into us? I'm not really sure, but I tend to think it's not necessarily about being a glutton or a sloth...hmmm. You can imagine where this thought is coming from! :) What do you think?

The Cole Mine said...

Interesting indeed....

Piecake said...

I saw a woman walking a child and she littered. I was so shocked I beeped at her, but of course she had no idea why I was beeping. Had it been safe to pull my car over, I definately would have picked it up and handed it back to her. For the benefit of the child, I would have said, "I believe you dropped this by accident." Unfortunately, I couldn't stop and the paper is probably still sitting there. Nice example she's setting!

Bridgette said...

I was thrilled when I saw the new environmentally conscious sin. w00t!