Monday, March 10, 2008

Garden Time

Kate, Jack and I made seed pots and started some seed for our garden this afternoon. I haven't done starts for my garden for at least 5 years since becoming pregnant with Kate. It was a fun project for the kids this year. Just keep your fingers crossed that our seeds sprout!

We made the seed pots out of newspaper using these instructions. I like to make them with less newspaper so that they are almost half decomposed when I put them in the ground. Most newspapers print with soy based black and white ink, so it is safe to put directly into the garden. The color print usually isn't recommended. For the Colorado readers, I checked with the Denver Post regarding their ink. The black and white is soy-based, but they recommended not using the color pages. Unfortunately, most of the pages in the Denver Post have some color. I had my best luck with the NY Times and the Wall Street Journal out of the community recycle bins.
I've been reading a great book that my mother-in-law sent me called Square Foot Gardening. It is a different way to organize your garden than the traditional row gardening. The premise is that row gardening wastes space and leaves too much room for weeds. They recommend raised planters divided into square foot sections for planting. I'm excited to adapt it to my little garden plot this summer.
We planted eggplant, basil, green peppers, and jalapeno peppers in our start pots. In another month we'll sow our spinach, lettuce, beets, carrots and beans directly into the garden. We probably won't put our herbs out until June 1st since Colorado can still get pretty cold on some nights in May. The community is going to do group squash this year so we'll hopefully help out with that as well.
We tried to turn some of the dirt in the garden this afternoon, but it is still too cold. Kate was hoping to find some worms. She has asked about them for three days straight. She is also asking about our composting worms. Gotta remember to check the library for some worm books.
I can't wait to see Kate and Jack's expressions when those seeds start sprouting. Sprout, Seeds, Sprout!


Penny said...

Interesting about the rows - DH likes everything in rows but I do not. I like to keep things as close together without crowding in order to cut down weeds. The only thing I like in rows are peas because of the climbing frame and so I can find the pods easily without climbing into the pea bushes.

I read in a gardening magazine that planting corn in circles makes for better pollination in home gardens.

Jackie said...

Great tip! I have meant to start using empty toilet paper rolls. I better get on that!
I'm reading the same book. It's good but I don't like how the author suggests to not save seeds.
Another gardening book that I am devouring is 'Gardening when it counts'. Fabulous, fabulous book!!!

Angela Miller said...

I am off to check the library site for that book. I can't wait to start working in my garden. We have a few small raised beds. Keegan has been asking me everyday if we can plant our garden now. I think we should wait until sometime in May.

Everyday Yogini said...


Seriously, though. I am so jealous that you are getting to plant a garden! Eat some yummy co-housing produce for me, will you? :)

Dawn said...

The square foot gardening book sounds very useful. I like the idea of putting things in raised beds, close together. I spent so much time last year weeding the rows.

Michelle said...

Years ago I did have raised square beds. Let me say the the yield was more that I had ever expected. Easy to weed too. Here in Saskatchewan, Canada, the snow is still 2 feet deep on my garden so I will live vicariously through yours until spring.

The Cole Mine said...

Sounds like such a fun project to do with kids...I'm planning a post about our pizza garden and hope to put in some raised planters this year. We're going to start small with squash, herbs, tomatoes and easy-to-grow stuff for now. I bet Kate and Jack had a blast! Thanks for the newsprint pot idea too!

Angela Miller said...

I got my copy of the book at the library yesterday. I haven't read much of it, but I am loving it so far! I can't wait to get started in my garden :)