Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Check out the website ACT GREEN. I was pretty excited the first time I checked out. It is a Scholastic website designed to motivate and empower kids to take action regarding the environment. Most of the content is aimed at school-aged kids and is a bit advanced for Kate and Jack, but there is a section an green families with some links to some great articles. The 100 Ways to Act Green is a great resource, so don't be surprised if you find me snagging some of the tips to post here.

I hope it is obvious that raising Kate and Jack to be environmentally conscious is very important to Matt and me. I'm constantly on the lookout for ideas and projects to help instill our values. One of the best ways I have found is to read together. If you look way down at the bottom of the ACT GREEN website, there is a little link called "Read Green." Click on it for a bunch of great recommendations on books about the planet, the environment, and all that live here. One of our favorite books Owen and Mzee is on the list, and I would like to get the Knut story. I very much admire that Scholastic included not just their own publications in this list.
If you are going to buy books, Scholastic is a great resource and is one of the most progressive publishers. The company's goal is to increase its publication paper purchase of FSC-certified paper to 30% and its use of recycled paper to 25%, of which 75% will be post-consumer waste, by 2012.
Scholastic is also offering Greenstylemom readers a discount of 20% off purchases in the Scholastic Store using code GSM0208. Better yet the discount is good through September 1, 2008.


incitefulmama said...

Awesome :) Nice homeschooling resource,too!

My daughter wrote a news story that was on PBS Kids last year about Knut.We'll have to check that one out.

Gray Matters said...

Thanks for the great tips - I used Scholastic resources a lot when I was teaching. Another great environmental book for kids is My Bag and Me by Karen Farmer.

Dawn said...

Thanks for the link to this great website. My daughter will really like looking at this. She's participating in "Green Challenge" from now through Earth Day from American Girl magazine and she needs to do something "green" everyday, so these tips will be quite helpful for her.

The Cole Mine said...

We are BIG fans of Scholastic books around here (two of our favorites: Dig Dig Digging & Bug Safari)and will most definitely use the GSM discount code!! Thank you!!