Friday, February 01, 2008

The Problem With UnTruths...

Tonight as we were preparing for bed, another conversation between me and smarty pants Kate...

Kate - "I love this nightgown. Someone sewed it, right?"

Me - "Yes, someone sewed that nightgown so you could wear it."

Kate - "I wonder who sewed this nightgown?"

Me, imagining a child laborer sewing nightgowns, wondering if age 4 is really an appropriate age to introduce the concept of sweatshops, and opting for - "I would guess that someone at the store sewed your nightgown."

Kate, eyeing me skeptically - "But I thought Santa made this nightgown..."

Me - "um, er... was that nightgown from Santa? I didn't remember that."

She can't possibly be questioning Santa, can she? She just started understanding the concept of Santa bringing gifts a few months ago!


Penny said...

Santa is a multi-talented guy.

Jennifer said...

Kristen, Your post reminded me of a friend in India who influenced her daughter, about the same age as yours I believe into not wearing silk. The title pattu kutti means small silk (it is like an affectionate nickname).
Enjoy. Jen

Ashlee said...

she's a little too smart for her own good!