Sunday, February 03, 2008

Monday Menu Plan

Oh, the meals were pitiful at our house this week. I am embarrassed to report what we had, but I want to keep it real. Just remember that we were sick and sleep deprived all week!

Sunday - EV's Veggies
Monday - Dinner out - Greek food!
Tuesday - Relapse of my tummy bug and ate nothing, I have no idea what the kids ate!
Wednesday - Mix-n-Match of leftovers in the fridge
Thursday - My solo night out, Dad out of town, Kids had Mac-N-Cheese and a smoothie
Friday - Took the kids out for Greek food(again!)
Saturday - Amy's pizza and homemade applesauce
Sunday - Boca Burgers and roasted potato slices with Old Bay Seasoning

Now that we are all feeling better, we are going to be eating better. Planned for this week...
Monday - Salmon Cakes, roasted cauliflower, red quinoa
Tuesday - Roast Chicken, roasted root veggies, drop biscuits
Wednesday - Dinner out with friends
Thursday - Leftovers
Friday - Dinner out with friends

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Sharon said...

Glad you're all feeling better! Seems you didn't do TOO bad last week. :)

Penny said...

red quinoa? sounds intriguing. :)

PlanningQueen said...

Great sounding plan for this week. Hope you get some sleep this week!

Colorado Knitter said...

Where are you going for Greek food?

The Cole Mine said...

I had the same question as colorado knitter and was also wondering how you prepare your quinoa...

Susana Molinolo said...

Given your circumstances, do not be embarrassed. We too are sick, our menu goes like this: pita break, manna break, yogurt, water, repeat.

Have you tried 'elk shaped' pasta from Ikea? My kids inhaled a bag last week. Mind you, they called them moose pasta, perhaps if they knew it was elk they would have eaten less...?? If you can't find any perhaps we can do a kid friendly pasta shapes swap...