Sunday, February 10, 2008

Felt Cupcake Directions

I promised I'd post about the felt cupcakes I was making. I still need to work on a more "finished" look, but I think that will come with practice. The finish doesn't seem to bother the kids... they love them!

Cut out felt pieces - 2 circles for top and bottom (make the colored one a bit larger than the bottom*), one large rectangle for the side, one frosting drip piece, one curvy frosting top, and one small red circle cherry

Using matching embroidery thread, stitch the cherry piece to the frosting top, then stitch the frosting top, to the colored cupcake top. Complete the top by stitching the frosting drip piece to the cupcake top. Stitch the side rectangle piece to the bottom piece. You'll have a top and a bottom for the cupcake.

Stuff the cupcake (the kids' job in our house). I thought it worked best to over stuff a bit. Put the top piece over the bottom piece like a lid and stitch together.Finished! Let the kids enjoy them for a tea party! My purple one (the last one I made) looked the best, but it was being eaten during this photo shoot.

* I didn't make the top larger on the blue cupcake, so it turned out a little mishappen. Still tastes good!


Dawn said...

Very cute!

the mama bird diaries said...

Oh that's good. Very cute.

And fat free. perfect.

Susana Molinolo said...

I too say 'very cute'!

Penny said...

Very sweet!
I need to get me some cupcake coloured felt.

The Cole Mine said...

Darling! Now I'm craving cup cakes!

RecycleCindy said...

Your cupcakes are so cute and what a wonderful MIFS project!