Saturday, February 02, 2008


I've had a bit of a green guilt complex over my favorite item this winter... my fuzzy Crocs! Actually, I've had green guilt about Crocs for a few years since it is the only shoes my children will wear. We have Crocs for all seasons and all occasions - regular crocs, hole-less Crocs, Mary Jane Crocs, Croc boots, fuzzy Crocs, etc. I have actually wondered if they could be recycled, and now they can! Crocs has launched an initiative called SolesUnited that will take worn Crocs and recycle them into new Crocs. Most of these recycled Crocs will be donated to those in need, but the everyday consumer will also be able to purchase the recycled SolesUnited Crocs as well. Goodbye guilt!

If you want to get in on the recycled Croc action, get free shipping from Crocs using code crocsavp08


The Cole Mine said...

This is GREAT news about Crocs...We have always bought the generic ones from Payless (until the recall) (and I know they probably don't have a recycling program). This is good news and we are all set to get Josh his first pair of REAL Crocs this spring. Thanks for sharing this.

Ashlee said...

Bode calls his his "fuzzy Crocs" too. So glad to know about this. we have a pair that warped in the sun and are not going to be passed down. now i know what to do with them!

Gray Matters said...

This is great news! Once we finish recycling them through our children we will definitely use this program!