Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday Menu Plan

I have a confession... the Monday Menu Plan is not going well for me. It is too structured. Not enough room for spontaneity if I see something really fresh at the grocery store. I know it is only going to get worse as summer comes, and I'll want to use what is fresh from the garden that day. At the same time, I need to have a few ideas for upcoming meals otherwise we'd end up doing takeout every night, and I enjoy sharing our meal ideas. I'm going to change up my own format and post what we had for meals from the previous week. I'll also hopefully post some of my tentative plans for the upcoming week. This way you'll get a better idea of how we actually eat in this home!

Monday - Matt worked late - took the kids to Panera Bread for dinner

Tuesday - Dill crumb breaded tilapia, baked acorn squash, Trader Joe's mixed grain pilaf

Wednesday - I can't honestly remember what we had for dinner...

Thursday - Tough day on the home front - take-out pizza plus we rented Lady and the Tramp and watched as a family after dinner

Friday - In the mountains with just the kids - baked chicken breast, steamed cauliflower with butter and Parmesan, steamed beets

Saturday - Chili using Watkins Chili Seasoning - we like shredded cheese and diced avocado in our chili.

Sunday - Matt & I went to a dinner party, the kids had leftover baked chicken, baked acorn squash, and leftover steamed beets

Coming Week Ideas - Polenta Lasagna (gotta use all that spinach I bought last week!), Rosemary Garlic Spinach Cakes, Salmon cakes

Visit OrgJunkie for more meal ideas


Jessie said...

I have tried menu planning and had bad results. I shop for dry foods once a month so my cupboards have a ton of options. I like to see what the butcher has for meat each week and then of course also shop for my fruits/veggies and bread at that time - unless it is summer and then we go to the farmer's market on Saturday mornings. Your menu's have always looked so yummy - I'll bet your family appreciates your cooking a bunch!

Have a great day mama!

Dawn said...

Your menu plans are always so helpful to me when I'm planning my own menu and need some inspiration. I also make up a menu every week but don't always follow it. I find when I don't, we eat out much more or I'm constantly running to the grocery store.

Anonymous said...

I could never do the plan day-by-day thing... some Tuesdays I just didn't feel like having what I'd planned for Tuesday and so on. I have a list of at least 5 potential meals that I can make with what we have at the beginning of each week. I don't put specific days on them so if I'm feeling spontaneous I can do something spontaneous or I can swap around meals. I also have a list of favorites (spaghetti, chili, pizza, annie's) that we can make on the other two days or if we feel the need for comfort food.

I think doing that does a nice job of combining menu planning (helps bring variety, helps with grocery shopping) and inability to stick to a plan.

Penny said...

I tend to shop on Mondays so I like to make tentative plans before I leave so I don't spend so much at the store. However, I do keep an eye on whats in the garden and also what is likely to be seasonal in the shops/market and take that into account.

I think menu planning is good but if I end up doing something else through events of the day or whatever it's no big deal. Some weeks I swap around days. And weekends are always a bit dodgy for definite plans so I keep it loose.

Colorado Knitter said...

Kristen, can you recommend any Kale recipes?

The Cole Mine said...

We made your butternut squash risotto on Monday instead of the pumpkin risotto I had on my MPM...It was SO SO yummy and we are definitely going to make it a regular meal around here!