Friday, January 11, 2008

Misc Musings

I am very proud of myself for doing a mass clean out of stuff the last week or so. I donated it to a rummage sale to benefit a family in our greater neighborhood community that has hit some tough times. I found it much easier to let go of our stuff when it was going to benefit a specific family rather than just dropping it off at the Goodwill. I gave aways clothes, pots and pans, toys, stuffed animals, accessories, misc house goods, etc. We even donated an old stereo and our old 300 CD changer since we have pretty much gone digital with our music collection. I also managed to thin out my "to Ebay" pile knowing the few dollars I would have made would better benefit this family.
I further helped out this family this morning by buying way to much stuff to bring back into our house! Ugh! Actually I scored pretty well. A few Hanna Andersson and Patagonia pieces for both kids, a felt board for Kate, and a new-in-the-box wooden train set for Jack. Oh - and a bunch of Disney VCR movies for 50 cents. We still have a VCR, but I'd like to figure out how to copy them on to DVDs so we can watch them on our portable when we travel. I could get into thrift shopping if I had the time... and no kids!
I also picked up a few wool sweaters to try my hand at felting. They are in the washer now. We'll see how it goes.
My friend Gretchen is my inspiration for trying the felting for crafts. Check out her new blog Knitting Colorado Style. She is the one who made the awesome felted coffee cozies that I gave away in the Pay It Forward. And if you want to get into the Pay It Forward action, both Shannon and Geggie are continuing the tradition.
Has anyone else noticed how outdated my blogroll is? One of those things I've been meaning to do for a long time. I'm going to try to update over the next few days. If you want to trade links, let me know!


shokufeh said...

Add me to that PIF-ing list. Thanks for the reminder. It's been on my mental to-do list, but hadn't yet come to fruition. Thanks again for the great gifts!

Dawn said...

Good for you sorting through all your stuff. That was a great idea picking up some second hand wool sweaters for felting. This is something I also would like to try.

Jennifer said...

Nice post, Kristen!
I put your link on my blogrol..on left side

Colorado Knitter said...


Penny said...

One of these days I want to do a felting class. :)

ames said...

ooh, felting wool sweaters is the coolest way to recycle them methinks. Hope they turned out lovely!