Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Make It From Scratch Blog Carnival

Welcome to Make It From Scratch! I love this blog carnival because making anything from scratch is usually much more "green" and good for the soul. So let's get on with it...

There is something about starting out your day with a good breakfast made from scratch. GP at InnSide Montana has several recipes to in Fit and Fast to Fuel Your Day. Lynnae at Being Frugal fixes pancakes for Frugal Breakfast From Scratch, or visit The Soujourner for The Best Pancakes Ever.

Another breakfast and all day favorite at our house is yogurt. Kate at Our Red House makes Easy Yogurt in a Vacuum Flask which would be really yummy with the Apple Pie Muffins from Amy at Mom Advice.

For afternoon eats you might want to see The Guide to Planning a Tea Party–Winter Edition at Tea Party Girl or for a snack for the kids, With All That I've Been Given makes homemade crackers in Wheat Critters.

Need some ideas for dinner? At How To Me there are directions for How to Cook Herb-Crusted Venison Tenderloin Roast and Pasta, or Kris at Cheap Healthy Good has a great recipe from one of my favorite cooking publications Cook's Illustrated is My Hero: Light(er) Maque Choux with Chicken and Turkey Kielbasa. Cook and save money with Reducipe - King Ranch Chicken at A Penny Closer. Or if you are Cooking for a LARGE Group - aka "The Soccerteam Dinner" you can get a couple of recipes at Life Lessons of a Military Mom. Or try several new recipes at The Miller Way in Adventures in my Kitchen...

Want to go a little simpler for dinner? Katie at Novel Experiences shares one of my favorite combos in Cheap, Easy Recipe # 3 or learn how to make Fantastic Deep Dish Pizza Dough over at Diary of a New Old-Fashioned Gal. You can top your pizza with Simple Pizza Sauce from Heather at the Fat Bottomed Girl.

Maybe soup and salad? Suzanne at Adventures in Daily Living has a recipe for make Broscht with a KitchenAid or check out the butternut squash soup recipe at the Simple Nickle - Cheap Eats: Recipes for Around $1 Per Serving. On top of your salad you can have Honey Mustard Salad Dressing from JoAnna at Sunflowers in My Kitchen AND Make Your Own Croutons from Laura Williams' Musings.
For dessert try the Apple Pie Cake at Remodeling This Life or the Easy Chocolate Dipped Pretzels from Karen at ThriftyMommy. For a special occasion dessert take check out a Birthday Cake from Scratch from Stacey at Uncomplicated Happiness. What is dessert without Make Your Own Irish Cream from MIFS founder Stephanie at Stop the Ride.

How about something non-edible Made From Scratch?
Betsy at Money Changes Things shows how a seamstress can take souvenir shawls purchased in multiple countries to make a beautiful quilt in World Fabrics Unite

Whitney at Crafty Tutorials uses a video (I love online videos for learning new skills!) demonstrates How to Make Adorable Cupcake Earrings

Robbyn at the Back Forty makes bath salts for the first time in Scratch Two, Bonus One, Add Another.

At Mommy Crafter you can learn how to Make Padded Hangers (I'm thinking of making some for my daughters sweaters)

My Recycled Bags is getting ready for Valentine's Day with a Recycled Denim Heart Purse

I am a huge fan of Sundance jewelry so I can't wait to try this Frugal Crafts Friday: How To Make Upscale Jewelry at Funny about Money.

Parenting Squad shows us how to make and give homemade play dough in A Homemade Gift for Little Hands

Check out this great idea for kids - the Buckle Board at Jenny 'n John!

Or try you hand at Make a Living with Ebooks by Frederic Patenaude Talks

Make It From Scratch - Around the House

Hearth and Home has some Homemade Laundry Soap while Tara at Walkabout shares some health treatments with Apple Cider Vinegar to the Rescue... Again!.

Organize your makeup at a nice price with Meg at the Bargain Queens

And we can't leave out the dog! Sarah at To Motherhood and Beyond makes Homemade Dog Food?!?! Yes, I Did!

36 Participants in MIFS this week! What fun! Be sure to check out next week's carnival at Harvest of Daily Life, and if you make something (anything!) from scratch, be sure to join in and share!


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Thank you so much for hosting this week! You did a great job!!


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Thanks for hosting this wonderful carnival!

Lots of links to check out this week.

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Love the theme of your blog!

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Thank you for hosting! Great entries this week!

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and i thought making things from scratch was becoming a lost art! thanks for including me with these talented and energetic bloggers.

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Tiffany said...

I love your blog for all of thr wonderful ideas you give me. As soon as life settles down I will come back and use some of your ideas.