Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Five Ways To Go Paperless

Jennifer at Alai Vani tagged me for a meme on five ways I've gone paperless. I admit I had to think a bit...
  1. I don't do Thank You notes. I've made a deal with many of my friends not to send thank you notes. Not only is it a waste of our time, but it is a waste of resources. I'll drop a quick email to say thanks if I didn't do it in person, but that's it. For the kids' thank you notes (which I haven't exactly started from the holidays yet), I've been recycling school artwork and sending it as a thank you not.
  2. No phone books. I look up everything online. If you are still getting phone books, call the customer service number and ask to have it cancelled. And don't forget to recycle the ones you have!
  3. Most of our bills and banking are electronic.
  4. I say "no" when asked at ATMs and self-pay gas stations if I want a receipt. I can't remember where I read it, but the receipts from ATMs printed daily could circle the earth... or something crazy like that.
  5. I'll be getting my May issue of Yoga Journal in digital format. For every issue that is converted from print to digital, Trees for the Future will plant a tree in India. To convert your issue or to try the digital issue for free, check out Yoga Journal Digital Edition.


Dawn said...

Great suggestions. I didn't know I could stop the phone books from coming. We get phone books from three different companies every year, it feels very wasteful.

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Kristen!
I like the thank you card idea! Innovative. I also do the ATM no reciept thing, but never thought of it this way (saving paper) so you have made me think of it in a new way! Jen

alex9852 said...

Great Blog I always have a good time reading it. It’d be great if someone knew about this site ? I have used their carbon calculator and it seems pretty legit? Has anyone else used it? They are partners with live earth and Al Gore so it must be pretty credible? If anyone else has done digging on this let me know. Oh and I got a score of 289 on their test…lower than the average in my state! Whoop whoop!

the mama bird diaries said...

Great ideas! I just can't give up the thank you note. My mom use to make me write them for everything - even when I slept over a friend's house. But I do try to write them on recycled paper or cards.

Bitsy Pieces said...

I am totally psyched to discover that you can cancel phone books. I do like to send thank you notes, though... however, your post has inspired me to find a way to make them from reused/recycled paper!