Sunday, December 02, 2007

Weird Things Meme

Last week Kinda Crunchy Mama tagged me for this meme. I'm so normal that it has taken a long time to come up with 7 weird things. Just kidding. I'm actually leaving out all the really weird things about me.
  1. I have to have the TV volume on an even number or on an integer of 5. So 20, 22, 24, 25 are all okay levels, but 21 and 23 are NOT okay. It drives Matt crazy, but it drives me even crazier to have it on an odd number.
  2. I can't stand liquid coffee, but my favorite flavor of ice cream is coffee.
  3. I can play the piano, flute and euphonium (baritone) but not very well. I actually don't consider myself to be very musical.
  4. Speaking of music, background music is annoying to me. I can't carry a conversation in the car with the radio on, and I don't like music just playing in the house.
  5. I always feel a strange urge to coordinate my underwear with my outfit.
  6. I have always wanted pet chickens.
  7. I can't eat spaghetti without cutting it up into bite sized pieces. Fortunately Matt does the same thing.

I could go on and on, but I won't! I'm not tagging anyone since everyone else in the blogosphere seems to already have been tagged.


Penny said...

LOL at number 5!

I'm with you on number 4 - if music is on, I feel like I should be paying attention to it.

Emily the Great and Terrible said...

I'm with you on the underwear and the chickens. My mother has pet chickens, but she's an old-school, Dharma's-mom-type-hippie and has a lot of nifty stuff I covet.

Tiffany said...

I agree - you are weird!!! LOL But I do cut my spaghetti up to.

Unknown said...

#5 is extremely important ;-) I hate seeing dark outlines under white pants, for instance.
The amazing thing about your list, though is that you compiled it! Did you come up with all this on your own or did someone tell you these things??? Amazing!

Anonymous said...

I'm Kristen's younger sister (3.5 years). When our mom was pregnant with me and people would ask Kristen if she wanted a little brother or sister she would tell them she just wanted a chicken...

Kind of Crunchy Mama said...

What if you are watching a TV without numbers on the volume? Does it drive you batty to not know what # you are on?

The Estrogen Files said...

ROTFL about matching underduds! The most I do is make sure my undies don't show thru my pants.