Friday, December 21, 2007

Movie Premier - Steep

Tonight we are attending the opening of the documentary film Steep. My sister-in-law works for the film's production company. Matt is a ski movie addict, so he is really excited. I was a little disappointed that we don't get to walk the red carpet, but it is probably better since I have nothing glamorous to wear! *wink*
I am hoping the movie will get us psyched for our ski season to start. Due to a bunch of conflicts (and not a lot of snow at first), neither Matt nor I have been to the slopes yet. We start right after Christmas.
Check the release schedule to see when it is opening near you!


Dawn said...

I haven't got to go skiing yet either- hopefully right after Christmas. How exciting to get to go to a movie premier. I always like the Warren Miller movies, is this one similar?

mama bird said...

I'm reading your site for the first time and you are in New York City! Welcome. I'm so sorry about your son's foot. That is truly terrible. This city can be rough. But I hope the premier is fun. Great to connect with another eco mama.