Saturday, December 08, 2007

Gratitude Practice

I've been meaning to join my friend Nona in her Saturday Gratitude Practice for a few weeks now. I've been struggling with a few issues, and I needed to take a few minutes to focus on how lucky I really am in my life. Here is just the beginning of what I am thankful for...
  1. My absolutely wonderful husband. I sometimes wonder how (and why!) he puts up with me.
  2. My two beautiful children. There really is nothing more wonderful than watching them be alive and explore the world.
  3. The really relatively stress-free life that I live. I know I just said that I've been struggling with some issues, but when I look at the struggles of others, I really don't feel like I have any right to complain.
  4. Our family's ability and love of travel. We are gearing up for a trip to NYC, and instead of stressing over all that I need to get done, I am going to try to focus on how lucky we are to be able to travel.
  5. Babysitters! I'm so thankful to have good babysitters that I trust and the kids enjoy. Allowing me to take time for myself and allowing Matt and I enjoy time for just us.

I strongly encourage you to participate in the Everyday Yogini's Gratitude Practice. I can already tell that participating will help me keep a positive outlook throughout the week!


Jennifer said...

This is great! Gratitude is important because it focuses on the posiive!!

Everyday Yogini said...

I love your list Kristen!! I'm so glad you joined in this week~ I know it's hard this time of year...