Saturday, November 10, 2007

Weekend Plans

On the agenda for this weekend:
  • College hockey game (did that last night - I think Jack is going to be a hockey player!)
  • Finish online class (please, please, please let me get it all done...)
  • Memorial service for our friend Jinne (have to make spinach balls for reception)
  • Girls' night out with my good friend Becky visiting from Indiana
  • Double date with our good friends Shannon and Joe
  • Something outdoorsy with Becky from Indiana
  • Review and finish Christmas presents for my family (I'll be giving my side of the family gifts over Thanksgiving)
  • Hopefully do a little baking. I have a few new recipes I want to try. I'll share them if they are good.

What do you have planned for your weekend?


shokufeh said...

What are spinach balls? I'm intrigued.

Natalie said...

I've given you an award on my blog! Have a great day!

Penny said...

Hope it is going well!

Shannon said...

Girl's time was fun! We need to do it more often!