Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Saffron Rouge

My friend Nona at Everyday Yogini recently introduced me to the website Saffron Rouge which sells all organic skincare products. Since I am in the process of switching to new skincare and makeup products it was perfect timing. I love that you get to pick your own free samples when you order. Nona and I are both going to join the "Inner Circle" where you get free samples of organic skincare products so we can compare products.

Saffron Rouge has a special this week to save 15% off your order. Enter the code timeout in the checkout cart. Offer expires December 4th, 2007 and is not valid with any other offer.


Jenny said...

Mmmm ... I love girly fun stuff like this!

Jen Steubing said...

Please keep me posted on what you like once you try out some stuff...I'm interested.

Penny said...

We are fortunately spoiled for choice here when it comes to organic skin care products. I am slowly weeding out my non-organic ones.

Geggie said... since I'm in the industry, I don't buy much, I usually get it on trade, but the pic that you have of Pangea Organics? It's nice stuff. They're based in CO, you know?

If you want any recs...please let me know. Note that most things that are marketed as "natural" are not necessarily so. products can still have some pretty nasty synthetics in them.

Keep an eye out for: parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, petroleum by-products.

I think maybe we should team up and do some kind of contest for the new year. Let's chat!

Everyday Yogini said...

I must confess, Melissa over at told me about this site. I ordered the Balm Balm on her recommendation.... I'm excited to try out the samples!