Saturday, November 03, 2007

Lame Saturday Post

What a great idea Shannon suggested! I am going to have birth story carnival sometime next week. We can all share our birth stories since I didn't "know" most of you when our children were born. I'll figure out a good day next week since I really need to organize it from home.
We went to the American Girl grand opening benefit last night. So opulent (so NOT green) yet so much fun. I'll post all about it next week when I am home and can download pics to post also.
Kate is having an amazing time with Abbie. I think both girls are enjoying being only children and getting lots of attention. So many giggles and so little discipline. Krista and I are talking about making girls' weekend a regular event.
I am so far behind on reading and commenting on posts. I didn't have much time last week with Matt off work and now NaBloPoMo is making it even worse. I'll catch up when I get home!

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Everyday Yogini said...

Yeah Birth Story Carnival!!! How much fun is that? Come here to have a girls weekend.... :)