Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Remember the Online Nurse-In to protest the Facebook and MySpace ban on breastfeeding images? Seems that the video montage of breastfeeding (I am in it twice!) that was put together has now been banned on You Tube for being "inappropriate." Here's the press release from The League of Maternal Justice

Youtube Bans Protest Video
Video Depicted Breastfeeding Moms
A mom-produced internet protest video attacking Facebook's banning of breastfeeding pictures was itself banned by the popular video sharing service Youtube after gaining recognition as the top-five most discussed of its day. A group of moms called Youtube's action hypocritical and harmful, and pointed to dozens of sexually explicit and harmful videos currently allowed on the service. The moms also pointed to a number of state laws specifically stating that public breastfeeding was not inappropriate.
If you are interested in taking action check out What You Can Do.
If you want to see some "appropriate" clips on YouTube, check these out...
(warning: NOT family friendly)
Sample Three... ugh I can't look at them anymore... just search "breasts" and you'll get 64,200 results! (Note that there are several other videos of breastfeeding still up. There are also multiple videos of explicit "How to do a breast exam" and "How to do therapeutic breast massage" which I think fall into a gray category. I don't have a problem with them, but they are certainly exposing much more breast than the montage!)


Geggie said...

Ugh! So ridiculous. I'm going to do something about it and pass it along to all of my friends.

Thanks for sharing.

Valarie said...

You have got to be kidding me. I hadn't heard about this yet. You see more boob on a women in a bikini than a breastfeeding mother! Some people are just so stupid.