Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Too many photos?

I have always been happy that I have pictures of myself as a baby. I thought my mom did such a good job documenting my life, and I really want to do the same for my children. When I was home in Texas, my mom pulled out one of her old photo albums to show Kate pictures of her mommy (me!) as a baby. I was struck that each year of my life filled only 2 or 3 album pages.

As I sit here and download at least 150 pictures from just last week, it makes me think I might be overdoing it a bit on the photos...

I'll post some of my favorite photos from last week soon!


Penny said...

Couple of thoughts:
1) We are much more a "photo taking" generation. Think Kodak moment and our heightened awareness of preserving the memories.
2) It's cheaper for us to take and print photos than it was then (I think.
3)You don't have to print all the digital photos you take. I have become a lot more selective about what photos actually go into the album. :)

When I look back at my childhood photo albums I see that my family was very much into taking photos. Whereas DH's family took hardly any of their childhood. Consequently I have hardly any notion of DH's childhood unless he tells me stuff. It's a shame because I'd love to compare my kids with him as a child but there is limited material.

There is something to be said for 150 photos....

Jen S. said...

Oh...I'm the queen of photos! I have 100-500 photos of each month of Sam's life so far, so don't think you're overdoing it. I did narrow it down to a little over 400 to put in an album for his first 6 months...I had to do an album for each half of his first year b/c I couldn't find one large enough for the whole first year. Maybe the second year will all fit in one. When we were in Breck, I think I took about 350 pictures.

Crunchy Domestic Goddess said...

i think i overdo it too, but then it's so much easier with digital to take picture after picture after picture. ;)