Sunday, October 21, 2007

Organic Skincare

I was pretty excited to see that Origins has come out with a line of organic products. I have wanted to start a search for a new line of skin-care products after doing some research on animal testing in cosmetics (which I have a half-written post about and will try to finish up soon). I already use a few Origin products like the charcoal mask and can't wait to get home and check out this new line. Maybe I'll even go check it out today or tomorrow and let grandma babysit!

But one question... I thought the USDA Certified Organic label was just for agricultural food products? Am I wrong? Did something change?


Geggie said...

Now this is an area I know alot about!! The certification just means that the argicultural ingredients are organic, i.e., the plant extracts, botanicals, etc.

HOWEVER...just because something's organic, doesn't mean that it doesn't have parabens, phthalates, SLS or petroleum byproducts in it. I tried to get the ingredients on the origins products, but they're not listed on the website. Just read the ingredients, ok?

Penny said...

We're lucky to have quite a few options here when it comes to skincare products.

GreenStyleMom said...

Geggie, I am so glad to have you as a resource for cosmetics, etc! I did stop by the Origins store today, and they list all the ingredients on the boxes. Origins also states on their website that they have reformulated their products to not have parabens, petroleum, etc. I still want to compare the ingredient list to my little ingredient reference book at home.

Plus I want to check out a few other product lines before I commit to anything.

Penny, you are lucky to live in such a great place. I can't wait until the day I get to visit you in New Zealand!

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